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FYI, Wallace didn’t slip on the dirty bathroom floor. Something else is going on.

Reminder: Starting next week we will update on Thursdays with “Tales of Holiday’s Past.”

For those of you who missed the original announcement on the blog, ToHP is an anthology series focusing on the supporting cast (everyone but Tegan).

The stories will range from all different time periods and genres. Each will either be character driven, mythos driven, or a mixture of both. You won’t need to read these to understand the main storyline, but there will be tons of foreshadowing and hints for not just what’s going on now but as to what is to come in Volume 2 and up.

Some of the stories will be done by our regular team, but we also have a lot of guest artist that are jumping on board (if you’re a webcomic creator and are interested in doing a story pop me an email at king (at) th3rdworld (dot) com.

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