If you are a new reader, you might want to subscribe to “Holiday Wars” as well as start reading it from the beginning. Once you’re caught up on the main storyline then checkout the side stories in “Tales of Holiday’s Past.”

Alright guys, we have something different for you. This ToHOP story is all prose with pictures to go along with it (It’s 7 episodes long). There were several reasons why we did this. The obvious being that it’s easier to get a few quick sketches from Micheal then it is to get finished work from a penciler, inker, and colorist.

The not-so obvious reason is that a big portion of this story is a considered to be a “talking head piece.” In prose it works but if we were to break the story down into comic book form it would end up being like 14 pages with the middle portion being nothing but talking. So doing it as a prose story made more sense.

Then finally we wanted to do a test run for the prequel novel. My goal is to spend November doing a massive re-write before I submitted it to my editors, but before we did that we wanted to see what it was like to have my words on the page with his sketches.

I’m not entirely happy with the layouts of this ToHP story, partially because I forgot I had to work with the regular “Holiday Wars” page size. Instead I had planned for the piece to be traditional book size. As a result some pages (like the one above) seem over crowded and some others seem bare. I’m not too worried about it though because at the end of the day the words matter more than the layout and this was just a fun way to do a test.