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On the surface we have an origin story for The Fool, but there is a lot of other mythos-related stuff being set-up for future storylines. The biggest of which is the introduction of Robin Goodfellow… aka Puck. For those of you who are not familaur with the character he’s from Shakespeare’s “A Midnight Summer’s Dream.” He’s a fairy prankster in service to the fairy king and queen.  “Fairy” sounds like a soft word and brings to mind the usual image of a pixie with wings, but in this case I mean “Fairy” in the sense of Faery, The Fey, The She, etc… check Wikipedia if you aren’t sure what I mean. He’s a very prominent character in literature and has appeared all over the place, including in “Disney’s Gargoyles” and Neil Gaiman’s “Sandman.”

So why is this story so important to mythos? Two folds: 1) it means that The Holidays aren’t the only supernatural entities in the “Holiday Wars” Universe and 2) The Fool really is part Fey which is why he seems so much more powerful and different from the rest of the other Holidays. In terms of his lineage we will learn a lot more about him and his past, but it won’t be till Volume 2 or later.

Coming up next week in “Tales of Holiday’s Past” we have “Team Beth,” another four part story being done by the regular “Holiday Wars” team. Just as “Born a Fool” was a mythos piece, the next one is a character story. I’m not going to say anything else about it cause I don’t want to spoil anything.

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