If you are a new reader, you might want to subscribe to “Holiday Wars” as well as start reading it from the beginning. Once you’re caught up on the main storyline then checkout the side stories in “Tales of Holiday’s Past.”

Bad New:
“The Calling,” which will run 22 episodes, will be our final “Tales of Holiday’s Past” Story (It should wrap sometime in May after Volume 1 ends).

Right now I’m not sure if I will switch the main storyline to four updates a week or if I will keep it at three. It really depends on the whole team and how much of a buffer we can get going on Volume 2.

Good News:
Even though “ToHP” is ending we aren’t done delving into the background of our supporting cast. I’m purposely holding onto a few stories that will only show up in the graphic novel. Also, Jeff Rusland (the artist on “The Calling” and the “Never Drink Green Beer” story) has signed on to do a graphic novel sized prequel. I can’t say anything else about it at this point but a formal announcement will be coming in the near future.