If you are a new reader, you might want to subscribe to “Holiday Wars” as well as start reading it from the beginning. Once you’re caught up on the main storyline then checkout the side stories in “Tales of Holiday’s Past.”

Holy crap. We are up to Episode 300! That means we are super close to the end of Book 1.

I want to give you all a heads up on some stuff that is happening at the end of April. Our Schedule looks something like this:

April 13th – Volume 1 Ends

April 16th-20th – No Regular updates. Instead we will burn off the rest of “The Calling” story, which is our last Tales of Holiday’s Past story.

April 23rd
 –  Volume 2 launches. New Website Launches. Kickstarter for Volume 1 Launches.

April 23rd – May 11th
 – Three weeks of contests promoting Volume 2. We plan to give away gift cards, a kindle, a nook, and several other awesome prizes.

Right now the plan is for the comic to use a MTThF schedule once the contest is over on May 11th. So that means you’ll be getting FOUR main story updates a week.