For those of you not in the comic biz, Diamond is the only comic book distributor and they are the ones that distribute your book to shops. Previews is Diamond’s catalog that store owners use to place their orders. That means that if “Holiday Wars” is showing up as a Staff Pick in February’s Previews it is a very good thing!

Our official release date is now April 3rd, which means an April Fools Day signing somewhere would be perfect. So I may try to line that up.

Here is our ordering info:

Diamond Item Code: FEB131133
In Stores: 4/3/13
SRP: $14.95

If you want to show your support you can obviously order a book, but what would actually be a BIGGER help is to tell your local comic shop about the comic and tell them to order a book! Or tell your friends to go to their local comic shop and order the book! The more copies we sell through the direct market the more sustainability “Holiday Wars” will have in the long run.