Earlier this week WordPress borked and I had to manually update an episode. I then went in and thought I fixed everything. It turns out that I made things worse which resulted in WordPress not autoposting today’s episode.

This afternoon when I looked into it, I saw what the problem was and I fixed it. The downside is that the updates are screwed up for the next few weeks. For example, nothing was posted today and nothing will be posted next wednesday.

The art & lettering are months ahead of schedule so we have the episodes ready to go the problem is that to pull down all the auto-updates, clear out the folders, and re-up them would take me one to two hours and I just don’t have time this week.

So here is the deal… You are missing two updates and I can’t make them up to you until the week of February 25th because thats when the pre-set auto-updates runs out. However durring that week I’ll make sure the comic updates on Tuesday & Thursday to make up for the two days that were glitched. Sound fair?

UPDATE: Everything is fixed again and you won’t miss any updates… or at least I think everything is fixed!