I got some good news and bad news for you guys. We are officially switching over to a Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule. It won’t start until January 7th so just be aware that it’s going to happen.

As for why, Michael Odom our kickbutt artist is seriously overworked. He got slammed hard this past fall with having to do promotional material for the graphic novel, sketches in the books, and things like that. So now he just needs some slight time off to catch-up on real life. If he were making big bucks doing “Holiday Wars” I’d give him a hard time, but since he has yet to make a dime off the hundreds of hours of work he has done I think it’s best if we give him a slight break. So please understand that we are dropping back because we need Michael to stay fresh and excited about the comic. An overworked artist quickly leads to a burned out artist!

As for the good news… there is a prequel graphic novels in the works. The pencils and inks are about 3/4ths done and it’s set to be 120 pages. I’m not ready to share too much yet about it but the title of it is “Moster Eater.” Here is a slight teaser page:
The pencils should look familiar because it’s being drawn by the very talented Jeff Rusland who did “Never Drink Green Beer” and “The Calling” stories for “Tales of Holiday’s Past.” Expect a formal announcement sometime late spring as well as some details on the plot, though the page above should make it pretty clear who and what it’s about.