Last Friday was Black Friday and so it was very fitting that I was at Browse About Books in Rehoboth, De for a signing.

The signing went pretty cool. I was honestly nervous about it, which is weird for me because I almost never get nervous about anything. I think what got to me was the idea of a “book store.” I’ve been to conventions and comic shops but I’ve never appeared at a regular book store before and I think that’s what made me nervous.

They set me up at a small table right in front of the main entrance. It was almost impossible to visit the store and not see me. The signing itself was pretty cool. The small beach town has a huge shopping area so the whole place was packed.

Out of everyone I spoke to and met I think there were two people that stood out. The first was a woman who bought a copy of “Holiday Wars” for the local library.  How flipping cool is that! Kids will check out the book and read it. If I knew how to break into the libraray scene I totally would. It’s not the idea of making $$$ that appeals to me but the idea that all these people who didn’t know about Holiday Wars can stumble upon it and enjoy it.

My true favorite moment of the event was when a mom came over with an older middle school boy. She told me that he hates reading and thinks its dumb and as a result whenever he sees a book he wants she buys it for him no matter what. So the boy picks up “Holiday Wars” and doesn’t skim, but instead starts on Page 1. More than a minute goes by and he’s flipping pages and still reading. The mom finally says “Do you want it or not?” The boy didn’t respond! He just kept on reading. Nearly five minutes went by and after being ignored multiple times she slipped me some money and said, “Thank you so much. This is the quietest he has been all day.”

All in all the signing went great. They said they were open to me coming back again so once the tourist season picks up next summer I’m thinking it will totally be worth it. What’s also neat is that copies of the book are now on sale there!