As a Kickstarter reward we let certain backers vote on which character I wasn’t allowed to kill off in Volume 2 to and the winner is:

Ask A Stupid Question Day!

The votes are in (all but 0ne but even if it still comes in it won’t effect the results) and Ask A Stupid Question Day won with a landslide. She had 46% of the votes which may not sound impressive but no other character got multiple votes

Other notable votes:

  • The Wolf – I have no idea which character that was referring to. Maybe it was either a joke or someone is confusing us with Fables?
  • Santa – Either this voter is guessing that Winter is Santa or they didn’t realize that he’s long dead and gone.
  • Kill Them All – I hope this voter was being funny and doesn’t actually hate all the characters to the point that he wants them all dead.

Interesting enough, Tegan got no votes and neither did Beth. I’m also thoroughly shocked that Stupid won. My money was on Friday or April Fools being the winner. I had no idea that so many readers were fans of Ask A Stupid Question Day.