I will be emailing all winners to let them know they they’ve won. In the off chance that my email ends up in a spam folder you may want to check back at this post regularly.

Even though I’m posting the winner’s answer here, all winner were chosen randomly with a number generator. My plan is to give each winner a week to claim their prize. If they don’t, I’ll throw it back into the pot and re-pick a new winner.

Day 1:

  • $25 Gift Card – Katie Moore
  • “DAD! A Documentary Graphic Novel” – Joshua Thompson

Day 2: What was your favorite toy growing up?

  • “Stuff of Legend Volume 1”  – Todd McElmury who said: “My favorite toy growing up were my Star Wars figures. Specifically the Rancor from Return of the Jedi. My mother hated it, but I took that bad boy with me everywhere I went for a while there. I sure wish I still had him.”
  • “DAD! A Documentary Graphic Novel” – Adam Walker

Day 3: If you won Scrivener what would you use it to write?

  • Scrivener for MAC – Gary Cohen who said, “I would write me some sweet comics on my Mac.”
  • Scrivener for PC – D, Kent Camp who said, “I think the first choice would be a webcomic. No title yet but the basic concept is A future Earth where the armies of the supernatural are back ready to invade. Since they have used the centuries of their isolation to erase knowledge of how to effectively fight them, they are winning the war.
  • “DAD! A Documentary Graphic Novel” – Alice Long

Day 4: What would you draw with Manga Studio if you won?

  • Manga Studio Debut  – Ronald Brooks who said, “I would give it to my niece who is a college student studying for art. I know it would make the perfect birthday gift for her.”
  • “DAD! A Documentary Graphic Novel” – Ryan Drake

Day 5: How many worlds are attached to the roots of the World Tree?

  • Kindle  – Stephanie Gilbert who said, “I’m guessing this giveaway is like the rest and we just need to submit an answer and it doesn’t matter if the answer is right or not? If so I guess 202.”
  • “DAD! A Documentary Graphic Novel” – Alric Justin

Day 6: What fiction novel is at the top of your reading list?

  • $25 Amazon Gift Card  – Matt Santos who said, “Hunger Games all the way. After seeing the movie I’m dying to read the book!”
  • “DAD! A Documentary Graphic Novel” – David Lewis

Day 7:

  • “Stuff of Legend Volume 2”  – TekServer who said, “My favorite present was not one I received, but rather one I gave. Many years ago, I was strapped for cash and wasn’t sure what to get for my sister. I decided, rather than buy a present, I would build her one. So for about a month I worked with my grandmother (who was far handier than I) to design and build a wooden case for my sister’s shoes. It was designed to fit in her closet, and built and stained in my grandmother’s garage from wood she had to spare from other projects. My sister loved it and uses it to this day (almost 20 years and several closets later), and I don’t think I’ve ever been prouder of a gift. This also happens to be one of my fondest memories of spending time with my grandmother.”
  • “DAD! A Documentary Graphic Novel” – Shawn Pritchens

Day 8: What’s your favorite comic?

  • Manga Studio EX4 – Catherine Grayson who said, “I’m going to say HOLIDAY WARS because I think that’s what you want to hear but really my all time favorite comic is Sandman.”
  • “DAD! A Documentary Graphic Novel” – John Simon

Day 9: What’s your favorite Holiday?

  • “The Intrepid Escape Goat Volume 1”  – Amber Lanagan who said, “Halloween, I went trick or treating till I was like 13.”
  • “DAD! A Documentary Graphic Novel” – Craig Smith

Day 10: Where is your favorite place to read?

  • Nook Simple Touch  – Zachary who said, “I’m terrible at sitting still when I’m reading so I guess the best answer would be everywhere. It’s not uncommon for me to notch up multiple rooms in a single “sitting”. (I apologize for that pun. I couldn’t help myself.)”
  • “DAD! A Documentary Graphic Novel” – Todd Miller

Day 11: Who is your all time favorite fictional character?

  • $25 Barnes & Noble Gift Card  – Danielle Thomas who said, “Lirael.”
  • “DAD! A Documentary Graphic Novel” – Hannah Colbert

Day 12: What is the best gift you’ve ever given?

  • “Stuff of Legend Volume 3”  – Eric Kopser who aid, “A Kindled for my technophobic wife.”
  • “DAD! A Documentary Graphic Novel” – Aaron Decker

Day 13: What’s your favorite thing to draw?

  • Wacom Tablet  – Tracy Fisher who said, “Gnomes. I love to draw gnomes.”
  • “DAD! A Documentary Graphic Novel” – Emily Banks

Day 14: What’s your favorite webcomic?

  • Manga Studio Debut  – Claire Donaghey who said, “Girl Genius!”
  • “DAD! A Documentary Graphic Novel” – Alec C.

Day 15:

  • Kindle  – Sabrina who said, “National Star Wars Day!”
  • “DAD! A Documentary Graphic Novel” – William Hall