I’ve been talking about it for months and yet yesterday all of a sudden I got four emails from people asking about it. The biggest concern you readers seem to be having is that “Holiday Wars” will drag out and it will be a long time before we get answers. Don’t worry. That will not happen.

Look at “Lord of the Rings.” It’s three books that Tolkien always intended to be one book. As a result, the whole thing is really just one big story. On the other hand look at “Harry Potter.” Each book is an individual story with an ongoing continuity. Between the two structure types, “Holiday Wars” is more like “Harry Potter” (Note:  I’m not arrogant enough to compare “Holiday Wars” to either of these literary works, I’m simple using them as an example because both series are so well known). Each volume of “HW” will have a story that will wrap up at the end of the volume. Then the next volume will then build on the events that have already happened.

So what does this mean for “Volume 1: The Holiday Spirit” and “Volume 2: Winter’s Wraith?” It means that the whole quest resolving The Holiday Spirit will be resolved. It means that character arcs that have already started will also be completed. Then when we start Volume 2 next spring, our surviving characters will have to face a whole new threat and will undergo new arcs.  The master plan is that there will eventually be nine volumes. So needless to say “Holiday Wars” will be around for a while and sure some answers will be years away, most of the important stuff will be resolved in the individual volumes.