Ever since I killed off Groundhog’s Day a real life groundhog has been harnessing me!

It showed up about a week after Chester died and it pretty much stays in the one corner of our yard. The problem is we have two dogs and sometimes when I take the dogs outside it charges at us.

The worst was last week. I was taking the dogs out to go potty and didn’t realize the groundhog was out because it was hidden behind a tree. Without warning it bum-rushed us. One of our dogs is huge (136lb pure lab) and accidentally tripped me. I scrambled to stand back up and in the process I lost my shoe. It’s a good thing I did because the groundhog caught up to us, but instead of attacking us it went for the shoe.

I called the local police station and animal rescue places and they all said to just shoot it. I don’t own a gun and have zero plans to own one. So I think we are going to try and find a company that can capture it and relocate it.

So yeah, it seems that the real world groundhog community was not happy about me killing Groundhog’s Day.