The people behind NaNoWrMo & ScriptFrenzy are doing a new thing this year called Camp NaNoWrMo. It’s basically the same thing they do every November, only in July. The hope is that anyone who can’t normally participate in November might be able to in the summer. I’ve decided to participate, but I’m going to cheat. Instead of doing Camp NaNoWrMo I’m doing Camp Script Frenzy.

After working on Volume 2 of “Holiday Wars” for two months I’m going to leave it alone and come back to it in August. This will gives me some space and perspective, which will allow me to do a final re-write before I give the script to the art team. Plus I’m still waiting for notes from my editors because editors are slow. So for Camp Script Frenzy, I’ll be working on a secret “Holiday Wars” project that we aren’t ready to announce yet. For now, I’ll just call it “Holiday Wars: ME.”

NaNoWrMo is all about word count while screen writing is all about page count. So my plan is to do a little conversion following the Script Frenzy rules. Basically, every screenplay page is equal to 500 words. This way I have to write 100 pages to hit NaNoWrMo’s 50,000 word count.  That’s about the length I’m aiming for with this secret project anyway so it works out perfect.

If anyone else is participating in Camp NaNoWrMo, let me know and we can be “buddies” on the camp site!