When we last spoke I was still in the middle of my first re-write. It sucked. I had a lot to change. The rough-rough draft was 138 pages and when I finished the first re-write it was 164 pages!

As soon as that was done, I immediately started re-writing again. I did multiple passes and in each pass I focused on a different thing. For example,  I did a pass and only looked at the arcs of the supporting cast members. Then I did a pass where my only goal was to cut unnecessary dialog. Then I did a  conflict pass where I checked and made sure every scene had conflict.

So as of now, the major re-writes are done. I got the screenplay down to 142 pages (which equal to about 400 episodes) and really all I’m doing at this point is waiting to hear back from my editor & publisher.

The working title of Volume 2 has been “Season of Change” but I’m now thinking about calling it “Winter’s Wraith.” I’ll wait till I get notes back from the higher ups and then we will make the final decision.

After I do another round of re-writes based off the feedback I get then I’ll re-write the script and convert it from screenplay format to comic book format. Basically it means I bore the crap of out myself by breaking the whole thing down into pages and panels. It’s not that I can’t get someone else to do it for me, but it’s like lettering. It’s one of those things I HATE to do but I wouldn’t trust anyone else to do it.

So all in all we are good and look to be on schedule for Volume 2 debuting next May.