“Webcomics: What’s Cooking” cookbook is a comic book anthology with recipes that’s being sold to raise money for Feeding America and Food Banks Canada. It costs $15 and each copy sold feeds four families for a day. We have a story & recipe in it as do tons of other webcomic creators. So order it and support a good cause!

Here is what our entry looks like:

The recipe is my personal recipe for sweet potato biscuits. It’s not obvious, but I’m an amazing cook and I swear that our recipe is worth a lot more than the cover price!

The official solicitation for “Webcomics: What’s Cooking?”

100 pages of fun Webcomics and great recipes!  Enjoy desirable entrees with your favorite webcomic characters!  Great fun and for a worthy cause too.  Proceeds of the cookbook are going to the Food Banks of the USA and Canada.

The cookbook features recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Appetizers, Dinner, Desserts and Beverages.  All of these hosted by popular webcomics you know and love.

Feed Your Family and Feed The World with one purchase!

Order yours today!