Comics Should Be Good is running a month long event called “A Month of Webcomics” where everyday they highlight a different comic.

“Holiday Wars” got mentioned on day 26. I’m particularly happy with how Michael’s pencils were described:

Holiday Wars is an engaging adventure strip with strong, personality-infused artwork by Odom and Said. The colors by Pica really pop, as well. King really seems to have a great foundation for a long-running series here.

One of the main reasons I chose Michael as an artist is because of his ability to show emotion in a character’s face. So it really made me smile to see his work described as “personality-infused.” In fact, there have been a lot of panels/episodes that had scripted dialog but when I saw the finished artwork I cut the dialog because the art made it unnecessary.

Anyway, back over at “A Month of Webcomics” there are a bunch of great webcomics being plugged so you all may want to check it out. Specifically, I think “Spy6teen” might have an overlapping demographic with us. So if you don’t already read it, to give it a try. It debuted last summer (just like we did) and is a mix of angst and action. It’s also one of the few comics CSBG has plugged that I already read.