Our “Never Drink Green Beer” story wraps this week in “Tales of Holiday’s Past” and guess what… starting next week we start a truly epic story called “Old Debts.” It will focus on Santa back in the day before he was Santa. Even cooler is the story will span 20 episodes and is being drawn by the Amazing TL Collins!

Who is TL Collins? He describes himself as follows:

TL Collins is the artist and creator of the web-comic known as Bullfinch. A comic known for it’s bizarre mixture of magic, monsters, fantasy, and squirrels thrown into a large blender and pulped into a fine paste. He has collaborated on several other comic works like Superfogeys, Th3rdworld’s Creature Feature, and Daniel Boom: AKA Loudboy.

TL is an amazing artist (seriously, check-out “Bullfinch”) and I’ve had an absolute blast working with him the past few months. I’m so excited for you guys to checkout the story he’s drawn. Everyone who has seen the finished pages has been floored and I promise you will be too. As a little taste, here are more of the preliminary designs he did before starting: