I put up a Script Frenzy badge (to the right) that marks me as an official participate and a bar that tracks my current progress. It got me thinking about something though… would you guys want to read a series of posts about writing?

I have an M.F.A. in Film & Electronic Media and I’m currently applying to teaching gigs at colleges all over the country. The class I want to teach the most is a screenwriting class. So if there is any interest from you guys then I’ll develop a series of posts and call it something like “Screenwriting 101.”

It would be useful to me because it would basically be an outline/rough draft of future lectures. I’m guessing it would be around 30 posts in total (based on 30 forty-five minute lectures). Just note that the posts would focus solely on writing and not “Holiday Wars.” I know some readers hate reading non-comic related stuff on the blog. Of course, because “Holiday Wars” is a common factor I would use it as a regular example.

So yeah that’s the idea vote below and let me know what you think!

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Update: There seems to be some interest, but more importanly there is very little disinterest, which means I am going to move forward with this idea. I need to wrap up Volume 2 of “Holiday Wars” and then I can start planning out the posts. I’m thinking I’ll be able to launch this series sometime in May.