I’m participating in Script Frenzy (the little brother of National Novel Writing Month). You write a 100 page script in 30 days starting April 1st and ending on April 30th. It sounds rough, but it’s not.

I have an MFA in Film & Electronic Media, which means I’ve taken more screenwriting classes & independent studies then I can count. In my experience, I can crank out a 120 page screenplay in 10-14 days. The catch being that I need to have the structure, plot, characters, arcs, and everything all mapped out ahead of time. If so, then the first draft is easy. It’s the re-writing that is a total sluggfest and can take months.

So what will I be doing for Script Frenzy? I’ve decided it’s time to finally write “Holiday Wars Volume 2: The Season of Change” (Yep that’s a little teaser for you guys). To be honest, I need to crank this bad boy out. Volume 1 will wrap in just over a year, which means if we want to keep our major buffer of pages I need to get a script sent to the art team like ASAP.

If anyone else is participating, my profile is here, send me a buddy invite and we can be writing buddies.