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So here is the thing: Months ago I saw that I could easily install a wiki to the site. I figured it could be useful since the “Holiday Wars” Universe is so big. Each character could have their own page, there would be links to episodes, there could be pages about the rules/mythos of the world, and all that kind of junk. The problem is that I honestly don’t have time to write the content or to really maintain it.

So I’m putting the question out to you guys. If enough of you want it and will maintain it yourselves (which is how wikis are supposed to work) then I’ll install, make it pretty, and open it up for you readers to do whatever you want. However if no one is really interested then there’s no point in me taking the time to install & design it. So do me a favor and vote in the poll above so I can get a good idea if this is something worth doing or not.