“Moon Town” & “Marooned,” two web comics I read and you should be reading too, put out a call to their readers and I’m doing the same… if you use Adblocker Plus or any other ad blocking program, please add an exception for “Holiday Wars.” If you are using ABP simply select the Adblock button and click “Disable on holiday-wars.com.”

Why does this matter? It’s two fold, the first side of it is that it decreases the revenue we make from ads. Since we are putting out the comic for free anything we can get coming in to cover hosting cost and our own advertising is a big help. I think Tom from “Marooned” summed it up best in his post when he said the following:

Well blocking my ads reduces the number of pageviews my advertisers get, and reduces the value of advertising on this site, which drives down my earnings. I know many people don’t like the ads, but they do not actually interfere with your reading experience.

The other side of it has nothing to do with $$ and everything to do with gaining new readers. Some of the stat tracking codes on “Holiday Wars” are effected by ABP and similar plugins. This means our readership is reported as being lower than it is. As a result we show up lower on  sites like “Comic Rank” or even in “Project Wonderful” listings. That means less new people see or have the opportunity to learn about “Holiday Wars.”

So if you are a regular reader and you do use some sort of blocking, please ad an exception for “Holiday Wars.” PLEASE!

As a thank you, for those of you who do disable ad blocking, here is a pretty awesome pin-up Micheal did for the “Born a Fool” short. We will be getting this colored and then will possibly use it as the main cover for “Tales of Holiday’s Past.”