By now most of you have noticed those two thumbnails on the left side of the website (when you’re on the homepage), so I figured I should get around to making the formal announcement. We are expanding the “Holiday Wars” franchise by adding another update!

Every Thursday we will run a page from “Tales of Holiday’s Past.” These will be short stories ranging from two to eleven pages focusing on the cast of “Holiday Wars” and will set before the main storyline.

Why do this? Well I would LOVE to update “Holiday Wars” five days a week but it’s just not feasible for the team to produce that much work. So we are doing the next best thing by giving you short stories that will either be character driven or tie directly into the mythos.

If you aren’t interested in “ToHP” that’s fine. You won’t need to read it to still follow the main story. It’s really just being done for the one or two hardcore fans that we have. If you are a fan then expect to see some old faces (like the ones above!) as well as a bunch of Holiday’s that we’ve not met yet.

Since the main storyline is Tegan’s story, “ToHP” will give us a chance to explore some more of the mythos and plot that just doesn’t mesh with what’s going on with Tegan.

In terms of genre it will be all over the place. We have some romantic comedy, some teen-angst, some pure action, some fantasy, some horror and just about everything in between. We will also be jumping all through time with the oldest story taking place before 1100 A.D.!

A chunk of the art on “ToHP” will be done by our regular team but I’ve also tapped some new artist as well as some other webcomic creators to do stories (If you are a webcomic creator and I didn’t ask you and you want to come on board, send me an email or hit me up via Twitter or Facebook!).

So when can you start reading “Tales of Holiday’s Past?” The first Thursday of the New Year!